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New Baby Bearded Dragons

Starting at just $39, open your heart to these new beautiful bearded dragon babies that want to be your friends.

They are all fully articulated and made with love in the womb of New Zealand.

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Revamped, Reimagined, and Reloaded: Our Website's New Look Will Wow You

Revamped, Reimagined, and Reloaded: Our Website's New Look Will Wow You

Hey there, dragon enthusiasts and mythical creature collectors! 🐉✨ Have you ever wished upon a star for an online shopping experience as magical as stumbling upon a hidden dragon's lair? Well, wish no more! We have been busier than a dragon...

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3D Printed Dragons & Sensory Fidget Toys

Turtle Creations is your doorway to a universe populated by 3D printed dragons and a myriad of mythical creatures.

Every unique companion in our collection comes to life through cutting-edge 3D printing technology. Each layer is carefully formed from eco-friendly plastic, derived from renewable sources like corn starch and sugarcane. These creations arrive at your doorstep fully assembled, ready to instantly bestow a dash of enchantment to your environment, promising to be a delightful presence for a lifetime.

A standout feature in the diverse menagerie of Turtle Creations is the allure of our 3D printed creatures as fidget and sensory toys. Fidget toys have been lauded for their ability to alleviate stress, improve concentration, and provide tactile stimulation, and our creations are no exception. The intricate articulations and fascinating textures encourage hands-on interaction, transforming each piece into a soothing sensory journey. They are perfect for individuals seeking tactile stimulation or a focus tool that doubles as a delightful companion. The magical fusion of fidget toy functionality with fantastical design underscores our commitment to creating products that are as practical as they are enchanting.

The highlight of our collection is the articulated designs of our 3D printed dragons, offering a lifelike fluidity and movement.

Experience the thrill of holding a 3D printed dragon, feel the texture and marvel at the form. Discover the enchantment of seeing the fantastical turned tangible through the wizardry of 3D printing.

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