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Imperial Dragon

Imperial Dragon

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This exquisite 3D-printed Chinese Imperial Dragon is more than just a statement piece - it's a magnificent protector, standing ready to instill an aura of strength and wisdom into your environment.

Designed with extraordinary attention to detail, this Imperial Dragon can be tailored to reflect your chosen color palette. Please send us a message or make a note on your order to specify your preferred color, or to inquire about the full spectrum of color options available.

Small dragon - about 55 cm
Regular dragon - about 61 cm
Large dragon - about 68 cm

Each Imperial Dragon is intricately assembled using advanced 3D printing technology, building them layer by layer from environmentally friendly, corn-derived plastic. The piece arrives fully assembled, immediately ready to command the attention it deserves in your space.

Should you prefer a gradient or color-transitioning Imperial Dragon, the precise color shifts will be shaped by the type of plastic used, adding a layer of individuality and mystique to your dragon.

In Chinese mythology, the Imperial Dragon symbolizes power, strength, and good luck. Regarded as divine mythical creatures, they were believed to control the weather and natural phenomena. Owning a representation of the Imperial Dragon was seen as a sign of profound respect and a symbol of great power and dignity. Your 3D-printed Imperial Dragon embodies the spirit of this formidable creature, bringing a slice of its legendary power and prestige into your home.

Dive into the depths of Chinese mythology and invite the grandeur of the Imperial Dragon into your life. Make your space more majestic and claim your Imperial Dragon today

* All dragons are made by Turtle Creations in New Zealand. This dragon model is designed by the artist Flexi Factory.


Biodegradable PLA plastic


All items are produced from base biodegradable plastic by us directly in New Zealand.

Production may take between 1 to 5 days depending on the size of your order.

In the 90 % of cases, the item is ready to ship within 2 days.

New Zealand: 1 - 5 days currier with tracking
Australia: 3 - 10 days currier with tracking

Care Instructions

All our creations are made to be strudy and not break easily which has been tested and confirmed by large number of our customers and their children.

The weakes parts of articulated dragons are connecting links for legs and wings.

PLA plastic can warp under high temperate (if for example left in the summer in your car on a desk on the sun).

If you find any issues with your product, please don't hesitate contacting us.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Ideal presents for people born in the Year of the Dragon!

I bought two Imperial Dragons and a Baby Crystalwing one as presents and was given a bonus little Rose Turtle, which is much appreciated. They arrived quickly and well-packed. The Dragons are beautiful, intricate, and vibrantly coloured. Highly recommended!

Alison Chick
Mother of dragons

My three dragons arrived just in time for the Lunar New Year - Year of the Dragon. I couldn't have been happier they were better than I expected I'm obsessed. They also came with the cutest little rose turtle my Ice Imperial dragon was curled around in the box the best surprise. I seriously want more, and my friends are loving them too. Beautifully packaged and accompanied with a lovely letter for Petra and Martin Thank you and I wish you a prosperous year of the Dragon Ps I need a turtle collection too :-)

G Maher

We loved it, it can’t just in time for the New Tear! Thank you for the turtle gift <3

Tanja cary

My Adult daughter loves her Dragon she stated her Son goes pass and moves him all the time :) best gift

Superb product & service.

My son wanted an imperial dragon for his birthday. He couldn't have been more happy. The dragon is fabulous. Really intricate and beautiful. Also the colours are wonderful. And the team at Turtle Creations did everything they could to ensure it arrived in time for his birthday. I'm so appreciative!

Made by us, Turtle Creations

The creation of these magical friends through the art of 3D printing brings an innovative approach to articulated creations that would not be possible through the standard manufacturing process.

Each model is crafted using special non-toxic, biosourced and biodegradable plastic called PLA, reflecting our commitment to environmental responsibility.

All our creations are made by us, Turtle Creations, in New Zealand.