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Turtle Creations

Laughing Axolotl

Laughing Axolotl

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This delightful 3D-printed axolotl salamander is more than a simple decoration - it's a captivating friend, poised to infuse a dash of delight into your world.

Crafted with an artistic flair, this axolotl is a unique charm for anyone who appreciates tranquility and resilience in their surroundings. The creature can be personalized to reflect your chosen color scheme. Please send a message or include a note in your order to designate your preferred shade, or to delve into the myriad of color options available.

Large - about 31 sm
Regular - about 26 cm
Small - about 21 cm

Your axolotl will be meticulously created using a cutting-edge 3D printer, intricately built layer by layer from biodegradable plastic derived from corn. The piece arrives fully assembled, ready to animate your personal space instantly.

If you choose a gradient or color-shifting axolotl, the unique color transitions will be influenced by the type of plastic used, adding an extra touch of individuality and surprise to your aquatic companion.

In their natural habitat, axolotls are unusual and intriguing creatures, admired for their impressive ability to regenerate lost body parts. Originating from the Xochimilco Lake complex near Mexico City, these forever-smiling amphibians lead entirely aquatic lives. Your 3D axolotl salamander encapsulates the essence of this remarkable creature, bringing a slice of its mystical aquatic world into your home.

Don't miss the chance to add this serene and whimsical charm to your life. Secure your axolotl today, and let your imagination submerge into fresh depths!

* All axolotls are made by Turtle Creations in New Zealand. This axolotl model is designed by the artist MatMire.


Biodegradable PLA plastic


All items are produced from base biodegradable plastic by us directly in New Zealand.

Production may take between 1 to 5 days depending on the size of your order.

In the 90 % of cases, the item is ready to ship within 2 days.

New Zealand: 1 - 5 days currier with tracking
Australia: 3 - 10 days currier with tracking

Care Instructions

All our creations are made to be strudy and not break easily which has been tested and confirmed by large number of our customers and their children.

The weakes parts of articulated dragons are connecting links for legs and wings.

PLA plastic can warp under high temperate (if for example left in the summer in your car on a desk on the sun).

If you find any issues with your product, please don't hesitate contacting us.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Feather Dragon & Axolotl

I can't thank Petra and Martin enough for their care, responsiveness and dedication to the imagination of our littlest humans (& us big kids too!). Not only are the Dragon and Axolotl made to an amazing high standard, but when hicoughs presented themselves they helped us out so much and made a little girl who is going through an awful lot right now amazinginly happy.
THANK YOU for helping create brightness in a really dark time xxx


Absolutely gorgeous pieces that my kids will be delighted to receive come Christmas. Well packaged and arrived safe and sound.

Lucy Knight
Cheeky Axol

A great birthday gift for a 8 yr old who loves fidgets! Thanks for making my girl happy with her new little pet

Jess M
Amazing & very cute!

Really loved the quality and movement of the axolotl. Put a smile on my sons face when he saw it!


The axolotl is so cool. They even make a cool noise. We now have x2 in our house they are a favourite of my children's and myself

Made by us, Turtle Creations

The creation of these magical friends through the art of 3D printing brings an innovative approach to articulated creations that would not be possible through the standard manufacturing process.

Each model is crafted using special non-toxic, biosourced and biodegradable plastic called PLA, reflecting our commitment to environmental responsibility.

All our creations are made by us, Turtle Creations, in New Zealand.